• 500W Off-Grid Solar Generator With Broadcasting Function

    The most obvious advantage solar generators have over fuel-powered generators is that they’re the “green” eco-friendly alternative. The ability to harvest power without fuel is not only better for the environment, it also equates to no ongoing costs associated with purchasing gasoline, propane or any other fuel source. This not only saves the owner money on electricity bills in the long-term, it also provides a reliable and independent method of power generation that relies merely on sunlight and the proper functioning of its parts. When you consider the health of your gadgets — such as lights, tablets and portable appliances — the clean, uninterrupted power generated by Saroda SP10-11 should leave you feeling content.
    *SP10-11 500W Off-Grid Solar Generator
    *Integrated Power Box
    *Controller: Build-in, 15A/12V, MPPT
    *Battery: 75Ah/12V, Lead-acid (Deep cycle)
    *Inverter: Build-in, 500W high frequency modified since wave inverter
    *Outlet: DC outlets12V/500mA x 4, 12V/1000mA x1; AC outlets 500W 220V/50HZ x2
    *USB port: 5V/750mA x 2
    *Broadcasting function: USB\microSD card\FM radio/blue-tooth
    *Circuit-breaker (master switch): 230V 60A
    *Fuse of the external battery input: 250V/40A x2
    *Solar Panel (with 5 meter cable):
    *Power: 150W 1PC
    *Cell type:Monocrystalline silicon
    *Number of cell: 36pcs
    *Vmp: 18V
    *Imp: 8.34A
    *Power tolerance: ±5%
    *Voc: 22.5V
    *Isc: 9.20A
    *Operating temperature: -40°c to 80°c
    *Size: 1480*670*35mm
    *Weight: 12.25kg
    Other accessories
    *LED Bulb: 12V/5W x4pcs
    *3 meters cable with individule switch
    *AC power cable: 1PC
    *USB cable: 1PC with 10 in 1 output leads

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