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DC Power Technologies

These days, we require a lot of devices and technology to keep our homes up and running. From small appliances like blenders to bigger ones like air conditioners, each thing has its own unique use. As technology advances, technological devices get more expensive which is why it’s important to protect these devices as properly as possible. This is where DC Power Technology comes in. What do we do at DC Power Technology?

DC Power Technology is a Nigerian company that specializes in selling, distributing, and delivering different brands of stabilizers to homes and offices. In addition, at DC Power Technology, we provide our customers with inverter batteries, inverters, UPS, and other devices that ease the use of electrical appliances. Before you jump right in to get our products, there are some things you might want to take into account to ensure your home or office gets fitted with the right device.


What is the price of a 5000W Stabilizer in Nigeria currently?

Looking to get a stabilizer of 5000W specification? This kind of stabilizer is available in stock in our store at DC Power Technologies. The price of a 5000W stabilizer in our store ranges from about ₦47,000 to as high as ₦70,000 depending on the specific brand you wish to buy. Many times, while using heavy appliances like fridges and air conditioners which use a lot of electricity voltage, you might need a stabilizer to protect such appliances from sudden power drops or surges. If you need a stabilizer for the fridge, look no further. We at DC Power Technologies, have different stabilizer brands that will work perfectly to protect your fridge from electric surges.

Does DC Power sell Wall Stabilizers?

At DC Power Technologies, we not only deal in the traditional stabilizer style, but we also sell Wall mounted stabilizers. Wall Stabilizers are usually smaller in size than the traditional stabilizers. We have different brands of wall stabilizers and can deliver these wall stabilizers to you wherever you are in Nigeria.

Does DC Power Technologies have a wide range of stabilizers like Jumia stabilizers?

Also, at DC Power Technologies, we have many of the stabilizer brands that are on Jumia are also available in our store. We will take your order, process it and deliver your electronic product to you on time. All our products are from trusted electronic brands/companies and we would never sell you substandard/fake products. Many of the Jumia stabilizers are available in our store at DC Power Technologies.

What is the average stabilizer price in Nigeria?

Generally, many of the stabilizers that we have in store at DC Power Technologies range in prices between ₦2,000 and as high as ₦215,000. The prices of stabilizers usually depend on the particular brand you are buying as well as the stabilizer specifications. For example, stabilizers with low prices of between ₦2,000 and ₦5,000 are usually very small voltage regulators used for regulating socket outlets. While standard stabilizers like ones costing ₦30,000 above can regulate a home with a particular current load. Nigeria, the price of 5,000VA stabilizers vary depending on the brand manufacturer. But on average, the price ranges from ₦45,000 to ₦70,000 depending on the brand. At DC Power Technologies we also have various stabilizers with different voltage regulation capacities to stabilise the current supplied to your air conditioners. Shop from us today and protect your air conditioner from power surges. We have different stabilizer brands you can choose from to do the job.

What is an Uninterrupted Power Supply's (UPS) function?

A UPS has several functions and one of its functions can be deduced from its name. A UPS allows for the orderly and safe shutdown of a computer in the instance of power failure or low current output. Basically, a UPS will continue to provide power to an office or home even when the line sags or the main power is off.Other functions of the UPS include to stabilise or absorb very small surges in power, voltage stabilisation, backup power and more. One can deduce from its functions that it is an almost essential in any workplace or home.What is Uninterrupted Power Supply’s price on average in Nigeria?

After reviewing the prices of the UPS we have in stock at DC Power Technologies, we noticed that the price of UPS in general tends to range between ₦19,000 to about ₦70,000 on average. You will find a few UPS that cost above ₦100,000 but these are not your regular UPS.At DC Power Technologies, we sell all types of quality UPS from reputable brands/companies. We can also deliver your order to your doorstep anywhere in Nigeria. Do you want a UPS for your home or office, contact us today and get our recommendation for the best UPS type that will suit your home or company.

Where to buy Inverter battery in Nigeria?

If you are searching for where you can buy an inverter battery in Nigeria, look no further than DC Power Technologies. We sell all types of inverters and will deliver to your precise location wherever in Nigeria. We sell inverter batteries of widely different specifications to help power up your home and office. An inverter battery is an electrical appliance that you can install in your home, office or organisation to help supply a small amount of current for a longer period of time. Some inverter batteries come in rechargeable format while some are not rechargeable. A battery is a highly important part of an inverter.

Where to get Inverters for home in Nigeria?

Do you wish to get an inverter to power your equipment in your home in Nigeria? Well, the good news is, there are different brands of inverters in our store at DC Power Technologies that can help to power equipment running in your home. Also, to know the specific type of inverter to get, you need to calculate the current load of your home. By contacting our representative here at DC Power Technologies, we will help you choose the right inverter for your home.

Solar inverter

Like we said earlier, there are different types of inverters nowadays. And thanks to technology, there are solar inverters which run entirely on solar energy. These kinds of inverters will convert solar energy into electrical energy in the form of AC that will then power your home or office.  At DC Power Technologies, we have solar inverters of different specifications and reputable brands for you.

Other stores to buy inverters in Nigeria apart from popular platforms?

At DC Power Technologies, we have a wide range of inverters even more so than popular online stores like Jumia and Jiji. Since our company is targeted mainly towards electronic appliances, we are able to supply you with the best brands that are well-tested and trusted.

All inverters run on circuits. And the purpose of the inverter circuit is to convert DC power into AC for users’ benefit. This AC is then used to power equipment and appliances.

What is the average Inverter price in Nigeria?

When we ran a quick review of our inverters’ prices at DC Power Hub, we realized that inverters in Nigeria had prices ranging from as low as ₦4,000 for the extremely simple inverters and as high as ₦200,000 for the heavy-duty inverters. Also, inverter prices differed due to specifications and the brand.  In Nigeria currently, a 1000W battery power inverter costs on average ₦12,000 while a 1000W solar inverter costs about ₦18,000.

What is the best industrial diesel generator?

Currently, the best industrial diesel generator in the Nigerian market cannot be just one brand and this is due to the fact that, there are several factors that are involved in choosing a diesel generator. Choosing an industrial diesel generator depends on several factors such as the load capacity it will carry, the amount of diesel that it uses up per hour, and whether it is powering a small company or a huge place.This means that the best industrial diesel generator depends entirely on what specifications the buyer needs. But some popular brands of diesel generators in Nigeria include Firman, Tigmax and Sumec. These are the most common brands of diesel generators in the Nigerian market. You can buy any of these diesel generator brands from us at DC Power Technologies today.

Where to get Diesel generators for sale in Nigeria?

Are you looking for places where diesel generators are for sale in Nigeria? Well, look no further than DC Power Technologies. We will take your order and deliver your diesel generator to you wherever you are in Nigeria. We only sell reputable brands and high quality diesel generators.

Where to get a diesel generator for home?

Diesel generators for homes can be ordered from us at DC Power Technologies. If you are willing to get a diesel generator that can power your house, please feel free to contact us at DC Power for more information on price range and how we will get it delivered to your doorstep. Like we said earlier, we do home deliveries for our appliances. If you want to know the specific generator capacity in kilowatts that will be enough to power your multiple bedroom house, we can calculate your house load for you and deduce from there, the total amount of KW you will need. Typically, a 3 bedroom house can run on a generator of about 3K watts to 6K watts. A generator of this capacity can carry many major appliances very comfortably.

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